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Feb 24, 2011

For those interested in following the A/V market, Linda Seid Frembes (aka AVWriter on Twitter) has been organizing a series of AV Chats to discuss various topics and issue that concern the A/V and custom install market. It’s a nice inside look at what’s going on in the industry and a way to gauge one’s performance against that of others in the business.

The inaugural AV Chat held a couple of weeks ago (transcript) mainly concerned the effect the economy has had on the A/V Market (tl;dr version: business is slow for many firms).

The AV Chat held earlier today discussed industry and customer trends. My takeways:

The next AV Chat will be scheduled shortly, check Linda’s Twitter account and site for updates. For those who may want to follow along but find themselves Twitter-less, you can monitor the conversation via the TweetChat site.

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