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Oct 15, 2010

Yeah, I haven’t been keeping up with the updates but the last three months have just been wild. There were the three wind turbine projects which provided some insights I hope to right about later. But there was also the 2010 MS Ride where (once again after a 1-year absence) I teamed up with a couple of guys from the Wilson Ihrig New York office to raise money for multiple sclerosis research.

The ride organizers had a PA system set up near the start line, ostensibly to get riders in the mood with fast paced music. The volume turned up. It was loud. Very loud. Very, very loud. Amplifier-clipping-horribly loud. Riders-with-fingers-stuck-in-their-ears loud.

A few weeks earlier, the lovely Tiffani Jones (possibly NSWF depending on your workplace policies) brought me to a Hartford wine bar to sample the wares. When I walked into the bar, I immediately noticed the pair of Bose 802’s hanging at the rear. At the time, the sound system was playing gentle pop melodies that made for an appropriate atmosphere. About an hour later however, a DJ stepped up to the booth and started spinning. The volume was pumped up and what had been a lovely evening turned into a shouting match as we had to scream at the top of our lungs to understand each other.

I certainly enjoy loud music as much as the next person,but we don’t need loud music everywhere, all the time. Music as an accent is fine. But what every happened to letting the moment speak for itself?

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