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Mar 04, 2010

Two AV podcast-related items of note :

The HT Guys and AVRant podcasts are two of my favorite podcasts and I’m grateful for the mentions on these shows.

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The Boston Globe ran a story about a death at Massachusetts General Hospital which was traced to a heat monitor alarm that was switched off. An investigation showed that medical equipment alarms could often not be heard by hospital staff. The proposed solution: “[turn] up the volume on all the alarms, [install] new speakers, and [assess] whether these changes solve the problem.”

Dr. Solet of Harvard Medical School wrote a letter in response to the article:

As a sleep researcher who has been studying noise in health care facilities, I would urge hospital decision makers and health technology innovators to find a better solution to hospital alarm errors than turning up the volume on all the alarms. When alarms are not heard, a better solution may be to lower the background noise levels.

Don’t raise the volume of the alarms, reduce the background noise level. Makes perfect sense and I’m glad Dr. Solet spoke up.

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