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Feb 07, 2010

Did everyone notice that Baylen Brees was fitted with a set of Peltor hearing protectors during the Super Bowl XLIV trophy award ceremony? I’m pretty sure they were the Peltor H7A Over-the-Head Earmuff.

Best Father Ever.

Update, Feb 8, 2010:

Consumer Reports offers its kudos.

Update, Feb 9, 2010:

In an interview in Inc. Magazine, a Peltor executive says that the hearing protectors are Peltor Junior Earmuffs

Update, Mar 3, 2010:

The New York Times gets in on the action:

The boy was wearing what looked like the headphones worn by his fatherÕs coaches on the sideline, but they were actually low-cost, low-tech earmuffs meant to protect his hearing from the stadiumÕs roar.

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