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Jan 16, 2009

An acoustical consultant in the United Kingdom offered his services for free to bars and venues that may be affected by strict new noise laws

The number of businesses that took him up on this? 0

I don’t know what more you can do. I suppose there may have been concern that “free” was a scam or a potential bait-and-switch (“well my services are free, but you need £20,000 of treatment that only I can sell you”) but I suspect that bar owners figured there wouldn’t be any problems, and if any problem did arise they would be easy to fix (“eggcrate foam!”).

All I can say is 1) if acoustical problems were easy to solve, acoustical consultants would not exist to solve them; and 2) it’s much, much cheaper to hire an acoustical consultant before you have a problem than after.

When a qualified expert offers his services for free, the correct answer is “yes.”

[via Dick Campbell]

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