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Dec 29, 2008

Two interesting, but completely unrelated news articles:

First, from the Minneapolis NBC affiliate: “Yacker Tracker reducing noise at Regions Hospital

He says hospital staff often, “Come in at three in the morning, take blood and then come at six and take blood. Those are distractions you can’t control. But the noise level is something that could be controlled.”

The use of a traffic light-type noise warning device isn’t particularly new (I’ve recommended a similar device for a local school), but I do like how the article points out some of the simple and inexpensive steps the hospital took to curb noise. Noise control does not always need to be expensive.

Next up is an article from Riverside CA Press-Express: “Neighborhood noise tolerable, most say

At first, it took earplugs, a handy volume button on the remote and a good deal of patience.

But Inland residents living near train tracks, shopping malls and other sources of constant noise say, eventually, they get used to it.

I’d be curious to know if those are residents really are “used to it” or whether the exposure to noise shows up in less visible ways (increased stress levels, low grades for children, etc) but if the residents are satisfied, I suppose this is a win-win for everyone. Of course the other issue is that (as pointed out in the comments) the train tracks were likely there for dozens of years before the homes were built so I’m sure the railroad feels no obligation to provide noise mitigation.

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