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Dec 25, 2008

Another year has flown by. For those friends, colleagues and clients that normally receive a holiday card from me but didn’t this year: back in November, I had picked out a design from a printer and was all set to order them…

… and then I kinda forgot to order them.

By the time I remembered and tried to order, the delivery times were past Christmas, so no cards for anyone. Sorry!

But life goes on. This year’s holiday message is a pointer to Hartford blogger Julie Dixon’s essay, The Sounds of the Seasons. Here’s a relevant snippet (and I hope that you click through to read the whole thing):

Winter is mostly silent in the city. Children are bundled up and stare at the ground as they walk to school; car windows are rolled up. The most reliable birdsong is the caw of crows. Perhaps a hard wind will break the quiet, or the sound of shovels scraping the sidewalks in the early morning. Maybe the snow will crunch underfoot, or sleet will beat against the windowpanes. But if I go outside, I feel alone and small and cold. The tags jingling on Gracie’s collar are comforting in the hours before dawn when we’re outside together.

Have a happy, safe, peaceful and quiet holiday season.

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