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Dec 05, 2008

Savant pointed me to Faber Acoustical a software company that is making an iPhone-based (but non-ANSI/IEC standard) sound level meter.

I’ve noticed that the iPhone has become quite the development platform for audio applications. Wired has a writeup on a four track audio recorder for the iPhone. I also have it from a good source that a well-respected sound level meter developer is working to make a line of iPhone-based sound meters and real-time analyzers.

We live in interesting times - Br üel & Kjær has been making waves with their $5-$10k Windows-CE based sound meters. Now Apple comes out with a platform that was basically designed for games and widgets and developers are using it as a base for a sub-$1,000 sound analyzer. Of course obstacles need to be overcome (namely the lack of a precision/calibrated microphone), but that’s not a $5,000/unit problem. I can’t wait to see how this turns out.

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