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Jul 28, 2008

Time has posted a brief discussion with Children’s Hospital Boston’s ( and two-time GBC-ASA guest speaker) Dr. Brian Fligor about hearing loss and iPods.

Two things that Dr. Fligor emphasized in his GBC-ASA presentations and in this article:

  1. Hearing loss is not only a potential problem for iPods - other portable music players (inlcuding digital media/mp3 and analog tape players) can put out enough volume to damage your hearing.
  2. Hearing loss is not directly a function of the type of headset/earbud you’re using. It’s a function of loudness. The earbud at a quiet volume will have less potential for hearing loss than the circumaural headphone at high volume. There is the issue that earbuds may let more ambient sound into your ear which in turn requires you to turn the volume up to hear the music over the ambient noise but that’s a different phenomenon.

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