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Jun 05, 2008

The Soundscape of Modernity Preview

NPR’s On The Media ran a short segment this past weekend that featured Emily Thompson (author of The Soundscape of Modernity ) talking about the history of sound and soundscapes in work and leisure environments, and how our perceptions of these spaces have changed over the years.

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The San Francisco Chronicle continues to report on the negative aspects of noisy restaurants in its latest piece “The din of dining.” The piece gives two perspectives:

“Loud restaurants make you feel like you’re at a party, even if you weren’t invited,” he says, adding that favorites include the Balboa Cafe, A16, Betelnut and the Slanted Door, some of the city’s noisiest. “When I want to socialize, the food doesn’t have to be amazing as long as the restaurant is loud.”

“I won’t go to noisy restaurants no matter how good the food is,” says Malcolm Carden, 61, of Piedmont. “After a day’s work, I just want to sit, eat, relax and talk. I do like to have a conversation in a normal voice.”

It’s not that Carden is a fuddy duddy. “I grew up in England in the ’60s and went to many a live rock concert,” he says. “But it’s irritating not being able to hear the person next to me.”

I find it interesting that the patron in the first quotes likes to “socialize” in loud restaurants - I think it would be difficult to get the digits when you can’t hear what the eligible bachelor/bachelorette is saying.

But maybe I’m just old.

Previous Chronicle coverage here and here.

[Thanks Lance]

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