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May 15, 2008

Savant has beaten me to the punch: ProAV Magazine tackles the oft thorny interaction between architects and acousticians.

Often, he explains, buildings will be designed with acoustic isolation problems, meaning sound leaks excessively from room to room. “The architect will say, ‘Fine, we’ll add an extra layer of wallboard, and we’ll make the wall thicker and heavier.’ But they won’t address the fact they have all this pipe work and conduit running through the wall, creating all of these penetrations.”


“Acoustical consultants are brought in for large projects like concert halls, but on smaller projects, it’s often the sound system contractor who needs to take care of acoustical problems,” says Brad Nelson, owner of Kennewick, Wash.­based Sound Solutions Northwest, a company that specializes in the house of worship sector. “And often the mindset is that the sound system itself will fix things. That’s where we get into a lot of problems.”

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