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Feb 13, 2008

In tonight’s Law & Oder episode (“Illegal”), the prosecutors hired a pair of acoustical experts “from Boston” to examine an audio recordiing.

One of the consultants was named “Leo.” I assume this was an homage. Nice.

Speaking of Leo, the GBC-ASA was planning on having a March meeting to celebrate the publication of his memoir. Unfortunately Leo has taken ill recently, so we’ll have to reschedule. Get better Leo!

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Wired talks about another non-lethal sonic weapon:

Here’s how it works: Inferno uses four frequencies spread out over 2 to 5 kHz. The idea behind it is that unlike a regular siren, these particular frequencies have a uniquely disturbing effect on people (and presumably cats, dogs and any other living thing). At 123 dB, it’s loud, but not significantly louder than any other alarm system. The advantage, according to Dr. Goldman, is the combination of frequencies. The human ear just doesn’t like it. I agree, I really didn’t like it.

That’s all well and good, but we’re still talking about a weapon that can be defeated with a 10-cent pair of earplugs.

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