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Feb 11, 2008

Hometracked ran a piece last week on the abuse of the infamous Auto-Tune pitch-correction software where the effects were identified on recent pop hits. The recording industry just excels at finding ways to dig its own grave.

Funny thing was that I noticed most of these effects on the various songs that Des points out, although I (like some of the commentators on the site) thought that it may have been an “artistic” choice on some of those songs.

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A rant on Bad Science about the portrayal of technical subjects in the media:

I know I’m wrong to care. On the BBC news site “crews were hopeful the 20m cubic litres of water could be held back and not breach the dam wall”. And that’ll be a struggle, since “cubic litres” are a nine-dimensional measuring system, so the hyperdimensional water could breach the dam in almost any one of the five other dimensions you haven’t noticed yet.

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So, you have a spare $6 million laying around, just burning a hole in your pocket? You can do what Jeremy Kipnis did: build a big (and ugly) ultimate home theater.

Although based on those pictures, I’m guessing that not much of that $6 mil went into room treatment.

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