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Oct 31, 2007

1986 was an interesting year. The first PC virus was written in 1986. Seven astronauts were killed in the Space Shuttle Challenger disaster. The Chicago Bears blew out the New England Patriots in Super Bowl XX. The New York Mets beat the Red Sox in the MLB World Series. Geraldo Rivera opened Al Capone’s vault on live television.

And, according to Carl Hanson, 1986 was the year when his firm started noise measurements for the MBTA Old Colony Greenbush line.

Twenty-one years (and several hundred public meetings) later, the Greenbush line is officially open for business. Carl was able to swing me a seat on the inaugural train yesterday and we got to see the results of all the blood sweat, tears, and years (5 for me, 10-20+ years for many others). The ride was smooth, the facilities were sparkling, the equipment was well-behaved, and everyone looked happy.

It is over. Finished. Thank god.

Greenbush inaugural locomotive

Some pics from the inaugural ceremony can be found here.

On another note, while the Greenbush line was designed to comply with FRA “quiet zone” rules, the Greenbush trains will be sounding their horns today in response to Halloween safety concerns. You can read the article yourself to see the background. Please, PLEASE remember that pedestrians have no business being anywhere near railroad tracks. Sooner or later, the pedestrians will collide with the train and trust me: the train always wins.

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