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Oct 10, 2007

Another day, another blog hit’s the InterWeb. 10×bLog(p²) is brought to you by “Savant” (of alt.sci.physics.acoustics fame?).

Two recent entries:

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Not directly acoustics-related, but given the number of projects I’ve worked on that get press (this being the latest), as well as the general number of noise/audio/acoustics news articles that are out there in mainstream outlets, I think Phil Windley hit the nail on the head when he asserts that the “most important lesson to learn about the press is that they always get it wrong.

It’s not to say that the press is malicious or ill-intentioned, but by necessity they can’t be experts at everything. Sometimes they get it wrong because they don’t understand the nuances of an analysis (especially anything related to technology, science or engineering); sometimes, while trying to provide a succinct summary for the reader, the press reports misrepresent the facts.

We need the press, but please remember that the words you read on the printed page of a newspaper or on the webpage of a media company is not necessarily the final work.

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I’m sorry I missed this - Audio Forensics Experts Reveal (Some) Secrets (at AES):

Some audio forensic examiners go to extraordinary lengths to validate recordings.

Catalin Grigoras, a forensic examiner from Bucharest, told the workshop how he uses the frequency signatures of local electrical power sources to pinpoint when and where recordings were made. According to Grigoras, digital recorders that are plugged into electrical sockets capture the frequency signature of the local power supply — a signature that varies over time.

The article goes on to explain that even battery-powered recorders have a “signature” if the mics used are electrics. Interesting.

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