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Oct 02, 2007

A couple of weeks ago, I introduced a new feature to this website: the Cross-Spectrum store. I did this in response to various people asking me to recommend products for home audio/theater systems or for DIY audio and measurement work.

The “inventory,” for now, is fairly limited. This is a result of my philosophy: I’m only going to offer products that I trust so shoppers will know from the start that they are getting (in my opinion) quality products.

Every product in my store falls into one of the following categories:

The only exception to these rules are DVD movies - those are basically a reflection of my taste in videos rather than an endorsement of quality. And by they way, I still consider Once Upon a Time in the West to be the greatest western ever filmed.

I will add to the store over time, but I want to me clear that the goal of this store isn’t to have the most comprehensive inventory in the world - I want to build a store that has the type of products that I would buy. Because, of course, if it’s good enough for me, it’s good enough for everyone else.

Questions, comments and suggestions are welcome.

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Gary Glickman from Wilson Ihrig’s NYC office suckered convinced me to participate in a charity bike ride to raise money for MS research.

I will be doing the 60-mile route in support of this cause, and I would be grateful to any readers who can offer support. If you wish to make a donation (no amount is too big or too small) you can donate online with a credit card. If you don’t want to use your credit card, you can send me a check made out to “MS BIKE TOUR” and I’ll submit it with my cash donations. Contact me for more details.


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Everyone’s favorite most respected most well known speaker maker, Amar Bose, sits down with Wired to discuss audio. Love him or hate him (for the record, count me as a fan although I agree with much of the criticism directed toward Bose products), the man is first and foremost an engineer.

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Heather pointed me to an article that discusses a research project designed to catalog sounds that can be used to construct “sweeter” urban soundscapes:

‘The strong focus of traditional engineering acoustics is on reducing noise level,’ added Davies. ‘But not only is that failing, it is also ignoring the many possibilities for creating positive soundscapes in the environments in which we live.’

Once again, Europe leads while we waste time talking about O.J. and Britney.

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