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Aug 26, 2007

Those of you reading this on the web may have noticed some design tweaks (and of course those of you reading the RSS feed should have noticed nothing). I’ve tested the page on a variety of browsers, but if you notice anything amiss, please let me know.

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I wasn’t going to post about this since the article has appeared in pretty much every U.S. publication over the past week, but when I saw it pop up on Forbes, I figured maybe it was time to comment: Noise Laws Could Muffle Motorcycle Sales. Although it is an AP article, many of the news outlet that published it gave it a headline reflecting the uptick in laws designed to clamp down on noisy motorcycle exhaust systems. I thought it was interesting, but not surprising, that Forbes ( and the Washington Post) looked at it from an economic standpoint.

“And that worries riders rights groups, which fear that a wave of ordinances aimed at muffling Harley-Davidsons, hushing Hondas and stifling Suzukis will create a confusing patchwork of laws that motorcyclists won’t be able to navigate. The motorcycle industry is concerned it could turn these frustrated riders away.”

They’re probably not wrong. But we have to balance the desires of motorcyclists with the desires of citizens to enjoy their communities.

This part has me a little confused:

“The association would rather see an ordinance that targets all vehicles or uses a decibel test to measure actual noise output.

The Council is working with the American Society of Engineers [sic] to establish a sound test that would help equalize enforcement.”

A new motorcycle noise measurement standard? What’s wrong with SAE J1287?

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I mentioned Keith McElveen Sound and Light Reflections blog a couple of days ago. I’ve since had time to go through some of his previous postings - there’s some good stuff there:

Good stuff. Subscribed.

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It looks like the Connecticut Audio Society has risen from the ashes to provide a meetingplace fot CT-area audiophiles.

I’ll have to drop in on a meeting sometime.

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Yet another item on restaurant noise (yeah, I know but they keep coming up!): the NetWell Noise Control blog offers some suggestions to help help restaurants improve their acoustic environment. The term “soundproofing” is incorrectly used in this context (“treatment” would be a better term), but the methodology described in the article is essentially correct.

I would hope that restaurateurs and architects might take their advice, but I’m not going to hold my breath.

(And I promise that will be the last restaurant-related post for the rest of the month.)

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