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Aug 24, 2007

For some time know It’s been documented in several sources (including the WHO’s Guidelines for Community Noise that excessive noise levels can result in adverse cardiovascular and physiological effects in humans

Now the WHO has apparently gone one step further and claimed that noise pollution can be directly linked “hundreds of deaths” per year because of these effects. However, the Who doesn’t appear to have published their findings yet so details are basically non-existent.

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J. Keith McElveen, a forensic acoustics expert, point me to restaurant noise blog posting a few days back and offered his own perspective on the challenges facing forensic audio practitioners in cleaning up recordings made in noisy restaurants.

When looking at the acoustics of a restaurant I tend to see noise in the aggregate. Keith’s experience shows how the individual sources in the restaurant all have their unique characteristics that must each be accounted for when trying to focus on a specific source. I’m not a forensic expert (I’d love to try it tho’), but I can imagine that the acoustics in these very reverberant and noisy spaces make these projects very difficult.

Of course I can also imagine that mob bosses and other criminals don’t mind so much that their conversations might be hard to distinguish in these public settings…

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