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Jul 19, 2007

Donovan Walker and EAW Banner

A while back, I wrote about a community activist in Boston whose anti-violence programs were generating noise complaints.

I just wanted to post a quick update. I got involved with Showdown and proposed using directional PA speakers to point the music at the activities while reducing the sound “leakage” that would spill over to the complaining residences. Matt Moore pointed me to contacts at local professional speaker manufacturers. Matt’s recommendations in turn led me to Joe Fustolo and Karen Anderson at EAW.

To make a long story short, EAW made an extremely generous contribution and donated a pair of self-powered commercial loudspeakers. Because of their generosity, we’re in good shape to set up a music program that will keep the sound only where we want it.

I hope to have more to talk about when we finally get everything up and running, but in the meanwhile I wanted to acknowledge both EAW’s contributions and Matt Moore’s assistance. From a practical standpoint, this is a win for everyone - Donovan’s kids can enjoy the music, the neighbors can enjoy their homes, and EAW gets positive recognition - and I’m happy that so many people came together for a good cause. Kudos to Karen Anderson who jumped through all kinds of hoops to make it happen. I certainly won’t forget it.

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Oh look, the FTA has posted the Transit Noise Impact Assessment Spreadsheet (Excel, but it should work on FOSS Excel-compatible spreadsheet programs) on their Transit Nose Noise and Vibration website.

I hear that the guy who wrote the spreadsheet is as handsome as he is brilliant.

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