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Jul 09, 2007

If you’re a Simpsons fan, please take a moment out of your day to visit the The Simpsons Movie Hometown Premiere Contest and cast your vote for Springfield Massachusetts.

Besides being the birthplace of Basketball and Dr. Seuss, it’s also the first and largest of all Springfields in the U.S. We’re also the poorest, and frankly, we could use the boost.

As an added attraction, I’ll also point out the the Map of (the Simpson’s) Springfield corresponds nicely with the “real” Springfield.

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“Transforming” Movie Sound:

“I mean, you watch a movie without sound or bad sound, it changes it, the whole kind of vibe,” director Michael Bay told CBS News correspondent Bill Whitaker. “Sounds are so important to making a realized picture. I mean, these robots are made out of thin airŠbut it’s so realistic and what makes it so realistic is the sound.”

I saw Transformers this past Friday at a cinema in Cambridge MA. Highly recommended if you like watching big robots and things blowing up. However, this particular cinema had the sound system cranked up past 11 - to the point where the sound was noticeably distorting and I had to break out the ol’ ear plugs. C’mon guys - I can deal with “loud”… do we really need “ear-splitting”?

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