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Feb 23, 2007

Last night’s BAS meeting was graciously hosted by Spearit Sound in Boston. The topic: a discussion by Jim Thiel and a demo of his latest creation - the Thiel CS3.7 loudspeaker.

Thiel makes high-end speakers, and the CS3.7 carries a high-end price tag - $9,900 per pair (as Jim put it, “It’s a great deal, you get two speakers!”). Unfortunately, the demo left me unimpressed.

It’s not that the speakers were bad, they sounded good, maybe even very good. But for that price tag, I was expecting greatness. What made the demo even more disappointing is that on the face of things, Thiel seems to have made all the right decisions - high stiffness driver cones, 1st-order cross-overs, neodymium magnets, coax tweeter/midrange driver, passive radiator, and so on. The brochure shows that the speaker has a flat frequency response. Ultimately, the sound was also flat.


On a positive note, I just discovered that Thiel has a blog that gives some insight into the manufacturing and support process.

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