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Sep 07, 2006

Ars Technica writes about the new audio features that will be incorporated into Windows Vista. More info is available at this AVS forums thread.

Notable features include:

The room correction looks like it uses realtime FIR/IIR filtering which should help eliminate narrow frequency peaks and tips typical of most rooms. The bad news is that we apparently won’t be able to use our own microphone correction factors to calibrate non-flat mics. Therefore, your can only correct for room frequency response if you have a flat measurement microphone. Fortunately, suitable mics like the Beringer ECM8000 are available for less than $50. It also looks like you can use cheap, non-flat mics to perform time-delay corrections.

This is good stuff for us audio types. I’m usually a Mac guy, but I’m paying attention to VIsta now.

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