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Mar 20, 2006

Many thanks to Dr. Mead Killion of Etymotic Research, Inc., who presented at last night’s BAS meeting. In addition to his excellent presentation on hearing loss and hearing aid research, Dr. Killion also provided free samples of his ER•6 isolator earphones and ER•20 High Fidelity Earplugs to everyone in the audience!

Now I’ll have a chance to compare the sound isolation characteristics of the Etymotic’s earphones with the Bose QC1 noise-cancelling headsets. Stay tuned….

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Mar 05, 2006

Finally, someone that finally speaks the truth: “I also donÕt believe the quality of flat panel HDTVs is up to snuff.

Now I can already hear some of you early adopters out there justifying your purchase. “Yeah, but my set looks great.” Or “How can you be influenced so much by a magazine?” Well, IÕm also influenced by my eyes, and what I’ve seen has not been great. Colors vary, blacks are blackish, response times can be slow and viewing angles - letÕs just say youÕd better have a lot of room directly in front of the set.

He’s right.

Flat panels (be they plasmas or LCD’s) just don’t have the same picture quality as CRTs. I’ve been struggling over this for a while - I was looking to buy a flat panel TV as a Christmas present, and I was so frustrated by the picture quality of even high-end flat panels.

In the end, I went with a 19-inch screen because the flat panel does have at least one real advantage over a CRT: their lighter weight gives consumers more options for placement. In my case, the 19-inch LCD replaced a 12-inch CRT on a small kitchen shelf. A larger CRT wasn’t practical for that spot because the shelf wouldn’t have been able to support the weight, but the LCD worked perfectly.

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Stereophile has given their take on iPod culture as exemplified by Apple’s new Hi-Fi, speaker system:

But wait, hard-core audiophiles might say (have said), a single unit with two full-range drivers and a small subwoofer driver won’t offer U-R-There quality. Wouldn’t a larger system be more faithful to the source? Wouldn’t a wireless dock that allowed you to carry the iPod around with you offer more immediate control? These are valid pointsÑbut I suspect they are nevertheless beside the pointÑor that they might be evolutionary developments that will come to pass, now that people are rethinking what they want out of a music delivery system.

I am glad that the article points out that the iPod is capable of playing uncompressed and losslessly compressed music. While many audiophiles (including me) have been critical of the wide acceptances of lossy-compressed music, it’s good to know that as the storage capacity of portable players increase, so does the ability to store large libraries of quality digital music.

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Mar 04, 2006

Some friendly advice: run, don’t walk, to your local movie theater and see Dave Chappelle’s Block Party. Bring a friend.

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