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Nov 29, 2005

From The New York Times — a British inventor has developed a device that produces high-frequency tones to repel youngins:

Mr. Stapleton has taken the lesson he learned that day - that children can hear sounds at higher frequencies than adults can - to fashion a novel device that he hopes will provide a solution to the eternal problem of obstreperous teenagers who hang around outside stores and cause trouble.

Maybe it’s me, but this just seems like a really bad idea. Yeah, a lot of adults have high-frequency hearing loss, but then again, a lot of adults can hear just fine - do you really want to annoy paying customers?

The article also mentions that a more powerful unit may be developed to be used “when youths swarm into stores and begin stealing en masse, a phenomenon known in Britain as steaming.” Of course the article doesn’t that the device can be circumvented with a $0.25 pair of earplugs.

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