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Oct 24, 2005

Home from Minneapolis for 4 days - just enough time to unpack, do laundry, visit a friend’s new baby, consult on a condo project, then head off to D.C. for a 2-week project.

As I was leaving Minneapolis, I lost my cell phone somewhere between the hotel and the light rail train. I was fortunate that another conference attendee, Brandon Tinianov (of Quiet Solution) found my phone - he was able to coordinate with another conference attendee from Massachusetts who was able to bring the phone to me.

I figure the least I could do to show my appreciation to Brandon was to plug some of his projects.

In all sincerity, the QuietRock family of drywall looks interesting. I’m always wary of drywall products that claim to provide significant sound reduction over normal drywall (most products provide very little attenuation over regular drywall), but the QuietRock products were tested by NRC and the reps were very upfront about the data. It’s worth a look if you have interior noise issues.

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