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Aug 22, 2005

NPR is running a two-part series on “natural quiet” in U.S. National Parks.

It’s a shame, though, that we don’t get to hear from some of the pioneers in the field (at least in part one).

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The car audio world is abuzz with the introduction of the MTX JackHammer subwoofer: for the low, low price of $6000, you too can install this 22-inch diameter, 23-inch long, 320-pound monster in your car – and don’t forget to budget for the suspension mods you’ll need to handle the additional weight (seriously).

MTX doesn’t seem to be eager to give out the specs on this behemoth. I for one would like to see the sensitivity - I’m guessing it’s not that great.

Reaction in the car audio community (see here or here for example) seems to be along the lines of “it’s a bit much.”

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