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Jul 29, 2005

Remember HD Radio? The digital radio technology that has Wired, the NY Times, and even Microsofties buzzing?

Well apparently Microsoft wants to halt the proposed recommendations for HD-Radio. The source article is paid-subscription only, so I don’t know what the reasoning is. With any luck, they’re at least asking for a higher max-bitrate.

Scoble, what’s going on?

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NoiseOff has published the long-out-of-print The Tyranny Of Noise by Robert Alex Baron, a book that was written before I was born. Given its age, its amazing how many of Baron’s ideas were ahead of their time - mufflers for jackhammers for example.

However, since this book was published before the EPA Level’s Document was released, some of the material is out of date. Baron specifically cites the example of aircraft noise. Today, U.S aircraft makers has made great strides in reducing noise, by adjusting takeoff and landing procedures, and by reducing aircraft engine noise to the point where radiated sound from the aircraft body is now a significant source of noise. Labs have been setup around the country to study things like tire/pavement noise, and of course we now have professional engineering societies dedicated to the study of noise abatement.

But for a book written nearly 40 years ago, a lot of the ideas are still relevant today.

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