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Jun 18, 2005

HMMH’s Chris Bajdek wrote an article for North American Windpower magazine on noise issues of wind power facilities:

Although wind turbines are quieter than they were 25 years ago, affected communities may not accept the argument that turbine noise is covered up (masked) by the wind. And while it may be demonstrated that a proposed wind farm will not exceed regulatory noise limits, facility noise may be sufficient to cause adverse community reaction once the wind farm goes online.

There’s also some good info the article about community reaction (annoyance) to wind farm noise and low-frequency issues.

Low-frequency noise in particular is often cited as a major concern by community activists because physical ailments (nausea, dizziness, stress, anxiety, etc) have been attributed to the low-frequency noise from wind turbines. However some research has shown that these ailments may be caused by the “shadow flicker” of the rotating turbine blades - that’s not to say that these health effects aren’t real, it’s just that the source may be visual rather than aural.

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Several news outlets have picked up an AP article titled “Cops Raid Wrong Duplex With Noise Device” where the “noise device” in question was a flashbang grenade.

I have a bit of a problem with the characterization of a flashbang grenade as a “noisemaking device” - it’s a basically an explosive device! It’s like calling a cell phone a “radio frequency” device. Yeah, it’s true, but totally misses the point.

(Of course the real issue isn’t the use of a noisemaking device, it’s the fact that the cops raided the wrong house! But I’ll leave that issue to the more political blogs)

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