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Mar 24, 2005

I like: Solid Acoustics has launched a line of omnidirectional speakers. Of course I have no idea how they sound, but I’d like to hear them. I wonder if they would be suitable for reverberation time measurements?


The New York Times has run another article on the rise of home studios (and the subsequent decline of the conventional recording studio).


Congressman Mark Kirk (R-Illinois) has made aviation noise a very public part of his platform. Noise and politics are mixed yet again.


RotoSub has introduced a new (their words) low frequency reproduction technology. Could be interesting, it reminds me of some other designs I’ve seen (such as the Contrabass [PDF]). But it’s funny that the website claims “RotoSub reduces the need for large low frequency drivers pushing miniaturization to a whole new level,” and then proceeds to show a photograph of a five-foot tall monster.


Are you the type that’s like to make a lot of noise? Even better - are you the type that likes to build your aural weapon with your own hands? Then the Sonic Devastator just might be the toy for you. [via Gizmodo]

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