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Feb 21, 2005

The first time I saw a Michael Jordan ‘Ballpark Hotdogs’ commercial, I remember thinking “is there anything this guy won’t put his name on for money?” Well I’m starting to feel the same way about THX: it looks like THX has started to certify DRM systems such as Macrovision’s new RipGuard technology.


The Springfield Republican ran a story last week about the search of a source of ground-borne tremors here in Western Mass that puzzled local residents 30 years ago. The source was water spilling over a dam in the Chicopee River. The vibrations produced by this movement could apparently be felt at several neighborhoods in Chicopee.


Acoustical Design Collaborative has published “Twelve Common Acoustical Myths.” The list includes “Myth: Sound absorption and sound transmission are the same,” and “Myth: Trees and bushes can block exterior noise.” Good stuff, and I wholeheartedly agree. offers advice on “How to Judge Loudspeaker Sound and Accuracy.” The article focus on the subjective evaluation of loudspeakers. I agree with a lot of the advice, especially the recommendation of a solo vocalist or choir. But definitely bring along a recording that you’re very familiar with. Most dealers will have no problem with letting you listen to your own recordings. If they do, run (don’t walk) to the exit.


Sign o’ the Times: New York’s famous His Factory Studio (used in the past by such luminaries as John Lennon, Bruce Springsteen, U2 and Paul Simon) is shutting its door. The article partly blames the closing on technologies that have fostered the growth of home recording studios. The lesson is clear —adapt or die. asks: “Church Sound Too Loud?” It’s a good question, I’ve been to some services where the sound level was unbearable. The blog links to a Sound and Video Contractor article that goes into more depth.

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