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Dec 19, 2004

From the Boston Globe: A noise study by a consultant the Kavalers hired found the noise levels are unacceptable, she said. Where said consultant is your truly.

I’ve actually had several projects that have been discussed in various New England newspapers, but they always refer to a “noise consultant.” An unfortunate side-effect of being good at what I do, is that my findings are pretty much accepted without dispute. As a result there is little (if any) contention at public meetings, and therefore no need for reporters to write anything other than “the noise consultant said XXX.” I think I need to hire a PR firm so I can get some credit for my work ;).

If the above sounds incredibly self-indulgent, well it is. But I am that good ;)


Noted loudspeaker designer Ken Kantor is at it again. He’s heading a startup called Tymphany that is developing “high-density” loudspeaker technologies for use in low-frequency speaker systems. Ideally, these techniques will enable the construction of small, but efficient low-frequency speakers.

Some papers and presentations describing Tymphany’s research are available here.


Loudspeaker as art: Acoustical Art makes loudspeakers that are designed as visual works-of-art. The designer, Harvey Lee, is a graduate of the University of Salford, so one would hope that he knows what he’s doing when it comes to sound quality. One would also hope that the speakers are worth their $300-$2500/pair price.


What would you do if you have nearly unlimited space (and a budget to match!) to design your own listening room? Here is what one Seattle resident came up with. I like it, it’s a good example of trying to maximize sound quality by dealing with the room acoustics first.

Or, if home theater is your thing, take a look at Cinema Murray, a custom home theater in Ohio.

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