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Nov 06, 2004

Tired of those loud commercials and previews shown before movies at your local theater? You’re not the only one. Hollywood filmmakers, such as Steven Soderbergh, are leading the charge to lower the sound levels of the previews & ads. It seems that movie patrons frequently ask movie theaters to lower the sound level of loud previews, and the managers forget to raise the sound levels back to normal. The net effect is that the directors ‘vision’ is ruined, and the filmmakers get upset.


A British newspaper is carrying a story about helicopter noise resulting in the death of an equestrian. It seems that noise from a low-flying helicopter “spooked” a horse, which proceeded to throw its rider, killing a mother of two.


Speaking of health effects: ran an article a couple of months ago stating that motorcyle noise poses a hearing-loss risk to riders. “A ringing sound in the ears immediately after exposure and muffled hearing are warning signs of noise-induced hearing loss, which is permanent.

By the way: if you own a motorcycle with straight pipes, you give up the right to complain about noise. But that’s just my opinion.


Another tragic story about room acoustics:

‘”How could this be?” I asked. “How could you spend so much cash on a system only to not have the room be ready for it?” I mean, colors of the room, furniture, lighting, editing desk, carpet, even networking, plasma screen for the client, everything had been thought of.

Oh yeah…the architect of the room didn’t consider sound. At all.’

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