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Sep 23, 2004

It was inevitable: we all now THX offers certification for cinemas, studios, home theater equipment and car audio systems. Now, THX has announced certification for high-end home theaters.

The Home Theater certification requires THX-certified components (of course). Much like the THX TAP and audio/video component specs, I’m sure the home theater specs won’t be publicly available. However enough pieces of the spec usually find their way onto the ‘net so that you can get a general idea of the end goal.

[via Home Theater Blog]


The 117th AES Convention has scheduled a wide variety of workshops. One workshop of note is Field Recording in the Wild which focuses on the recording of natural sounds despite “rapidly disappearing natural soundscapes.”

[Digital Pro Sound News via Peter Cook’s Audio blog]


Roland Piquepaille reports that Dust Networks’ “Smart Dust” wireless communication nodes have hit the market. As a measurement guy, this is a technology that excites me — low-cost, low-power, interconnected sensors that can be deployed over large areas to collect massive amounts of data.

Of course, once you add $1,000 precision microphones to the mix, the system is no longer “low-cost,” but you don’t necessarily need precision mics everywhere. Use $5,000-$10,000 precision measurement systems at primary locations, and supplement them with “dust motes.” Add $20 Radio Shack mics (which I’ve used in place of B&K 1/4-inch in Naval research to great success, trust me they’re good mics!) and you’ve got a lot a measurement capability for not much money.

It’s all about using technology to reduce the costs of measurements. A lot of people don’t think it can be done, but they’re wrong. It can be done. I’ve done it. I’m doing it.


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