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Sep 05, 2004

Wired Magazine reports on medical journal article that states that loud bass can callapse a lung. The article doesn’t give a lot of details, but you gotta believe that if this was true under normal common circumstances, we’d have seen this before. I guess I need to read the Thorax article. offers an online hearing test you can take using your web browser, your computer, and headphones. Obviously this won’t be a calibrated test, but I suppose it could be useful on a relative basis.

I took the online test - the results weren’t anywhere near the results from any of the audiograms I’ve taken over the past couple of years. YMMV.


Professor Russell of Kettering University has posted animations of various acoustics and vibration concepts. In addition to the usual animations of sound propagation and cancellation, he also has animations of concepts such as refraction and Doppler effects. The Doppler demo is especially helpful in visualize sonic booms.

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