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Jul 22, 2004

A series of deadlines and some travel have delayed updates, but I’m back.

The BAS help an open roundtable in June to discuss concert hall acoustics. Several interesting points of view came out of that meeting, but one interesting discussion focused on the opening of Walt Disney’s new Los Angeles Concert Hall. Several of the panelists have attended concerts at the hall. Their reviews on the acoustics ranged from lukewarm to savage (before you discount their opinions, take another look at the names on the panel).

I won’t get into specific comments (the BAS Speaker will probably publish an in-depth summary), but the gist of their comments is that the sound varies considerably from seat to seat in the hall, far more than typical for most well-regarded halls. At the worst, there are positions where you can’t hear certain sections of the orchestra. But the panelists did concede that there are certain sections where you can hear well-balanced sound.

I’ve since had an opportunity to speak with a Disney Imagineer who was familiar with the development of the concert hall. He was satisfied with the performance of the hall, though he admitted that the listening experience will differ depending on where you sit. But he seems pleased with the final result. YMMV


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