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May 19, 2004 (among many other media outlets) picked up an article from Maureen Gilmer about planting hedges to reduce noise. Unfortunately, the article is misleading — foliage can be used to attenuate noise, but only if the brush is very dense (meaning no line-of-sight), and about 100ft thick. A row of bushes won’t do squat for noise. There of lots of references to this fact including this, this, and this.

Interestingly, there is a least some evidence (PDF file) that planting trees next to a noise barrier increases the performance of the barrier under certain circumstances.


A brief followup to my Beolab 5 review: I had an opportunity to hear the Beolab 5’s again at Dave Moulton’s home during a recent BAS meeting. The conditions were much better than the Berklee auditorium. Additionally, Dave has a 6-channel setup, including an overhead channel.


The speakers sound great, and I think they will do wonders for enhancing Bang & Olufsen ‘s reputation as a high-end speaker manufacturer. Who would have thought that you could mention B & O in the same breath as Thiel and Wilson?


The New York Times recently published a couple of interesting audio-related articles:


Home Theater Blog discusses acoustic room treatment. You con help shape the performance of your audio system through equalization or calibration, but some parameters can only be shaped by treating the room.


What happens when a DIY’er has access to a CNC machine? TransLam Alpha!


The New York section of AES recently held a panel discussion titled “Does Quality Matter, or has the iPod already Defeated the Listening Room?” It’s a subject near and dear to my heart. Given the incredible capacities of many of the HD-based portable audio players, I would hope that people would be satisfied carrying hundreds of high-quality tracks. Instead, people seem content to carry thousands of medium-to-low quality tracks.

Hopefully AES will publish a summary of the discussion.

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