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Apr 02, 2004

Today’s rant: I’m sitting in my living room trying to watch SW: Attack of the Clones. I say “trying to watch” because the Macrovision (no, I’m not linking to them) copy-protection scheme is distorting the color balance.

No, I haven’t pirated the DVD. I own an extensive collection of Star Wars LD and DVD’s including the OT “Definitive Trilogy” collection, the Special Edition box set, and the Episode I & II DVD’s. So why the Macrovision grief?

Well, I don’t own a television with composite or S-Video inputs. Yes, my TV is old, but it’s a decent set, and works fine. My DVD player only offers composite video and S-Video outputs. To watch DVD’s on the television, I’ve routed the DVD player through the VCR (well more specifically through my Marantz pre-amp, which routes the video through the VCR). The circuit through the VCR’s composite input and output connections trips the “Macrovision” feature, and the resulting picture is unwatchable.

Yes, I know I could buy a new TV, or a composite video/RF converter, but I shouldn’t have to. I’ve paid for the DVD player. I’ve paid for the DVD. My TV works just fine, and I don’t want to tie up another outlet with an RF converter. And people wonder why I miss laserdiscs.


Looks like the Kokomo hum hasn’t gone away.


Old news but interesting: CNN reports that U.S. troops will be deploying a “Long Range Acoustic Device” as a non-lethal device in Iraq. The article talks about potential hearing damage, but dismisses the concerns. I suppose it’s better to be deaf then dead, but remember hearing damage is irreversible.


The EPA’s “Search Your Community” website lets your monitor pollution in your city. No noise data yet. Too bad, but it’s only a matter of time.

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