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Mar 06, 2004

I was fortunate to be extended an invitation by a Berklee professor to attend yesterday’s Music Technology divisional meeting, where Dave Moulton gave a presentation on B&O’s Beolab 5 speaker. The presentation was followed by a question-and-answer session, and an hour-long listening session. I missed the first part of the presentation, but I was able to hear about some of the technologies behind the speaker.

Quick notes from the presentation:

For the demo, we listened to a variety of music including pop (Paula Cole), Jazz (Count Basie), gospel, hip-hop (Outkast), classic rock (Led Zeppelin), and classical (Mahler’s 3rd Symphony). My impressions from the listening session:

In short, while these speakers are not quite the best I’ve ever heard (that honor goes to the Wilson Watt/Puppy), they’re definitely among the best. I highly recommend that every audiophile give them a listen. The bar has certainly been raised, if not for overall speaker design, then certainly for bass performance.

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