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Feb 27, 2004

Stephen Dawson has some comments on setting calibration levels for home theater systems. He brings up the point that the normal HT peak level of 105 dB applies per channel. Unless I’m reading that wrong, thats a total peak level of 112 dB, not including the +10 dB (bandlimited) LFE channel. Ouch.


DARPA and NASA are trying to eliminate sonic booms associated with supersonic aircraft: “DARPA and NASA will now work to not just reduce the boom, but eliminate it.”


Ars Technica has posted their Portable headphone roundup which gives subjective impressions of several popular headphone models. They’ve included the reviews of the Etymotic Research ER-6 and ER-4P earphones which have received rave reviews around the web.

Of course this reminds me of something I’ve been putting off for quite some time: I was given a pair of the Bose QC-1 QuietComfort active noise reduction (ANR) headsets as a farewell gift when I left my last jobs (thanks again!). I’ve been meaning to write a full-blown review including subjective impressions and measurement results, but I just haven’t had the time.

Until I do get a chance to make a full report, I’ll leave you with these impressions: has posted a series of articles on “Sound Systems and Human Hearing.” One article (PDF) documents sound levels at an outdoor rock concert.

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