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Feb 11, 2004

Nissan is deploying a cannon at one of its storage facilities. The cannon emits shockwaves that prevent potentially damaging hailstones from forming (see here for an explanation of the theory). The article claims that the sound level at the cannon is 120 dB (no distance given). I hope Nissan passes out earplugs to the neighbors.

(Thanks Slashdot)


The NASA Lewis Research Center Noise Exposure Management Program is giving away the Auditory Demonstrations in Acoustics and Hearing Conservation compact disc, developed by Hoover & Keith. The disc has demonstrations of various noise sources and hearing impairment conditions. Follow the instructions here to get your free copy.


Audio World has links to application notes that describe surround-sound recording and microphone techniques.


Another story making the rounds concerns noise measurements inside a hospital as reported by the American Journal of Nursing. I know from experience that hospitals can be noisy placed, but 113 dB? I suspect someone has misinterpreted the data, but then again, I wasn’t there.

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