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Feb 03, 2004

I received the inaugural issue of Multi Media Manufacturer, a magazine geared toward audio professionals. Roy Allison wrote an article describing the “Golden Years” at Acoustic Research. It’s common knowledge that AR founder Edgar Villchur developed the acoustic suspension (sealed cabinet) loudspeaker - what I didn’t know was that Villchur also developed the dome tweeter.

It’s also interesting to read Allison’s impression of the audio market in the 1950’s, 60’s and 70’s. Mounting woofers from the outside of the box was unheard of. Audio engineers didn’t believe that mounting a woofer in a sealed box would work. Turntable isolation systems (which sound more complicated than some railroad track vibration isolation systems I’ve seen!) were used to help reduce distortion. And so on.

The article is fascinating, and I hope that it eventually makes its way to the web. If you are a qualified audio professional, you may be eligible for a free subscription. See the link above.


The Boston Globe has an article about David Moulton’s acoustic lens technology. I’ve seen the prototypes, but unfortunately I haven’t had the chance to hear them.


BTW, welcome to the world Josephine Singleton!

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