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Dec 27, 2003

Regarding my question from last week about NYC’s car alarm ban: it looks like the ban only applies to aftermarket car alarms. According to an interview with a NYC councilwoman, the city does not have the authority to enforce the ban with out-of-state manufacturers (read: all major auto manufacturers) so the ban only applies to car alarms installed by local dealers or aftermarket shops.

A team at MIT has developed a landing method designed to reduce noise on the ground. Unfortunately most aviation noise problems are caused by takeoffs, but every little bit helps.

The other big story making the rounds (see for example the Asheville (NC) Citizen-Times or the Cleveland Plain Dealer): the FRA has issued the Interim Final Rule for the Use of Locomotive Horns at Highway-Rail Crossings. Among other things, the rule provides for so-called “quiet-zones” as well as maximum levels for train horns.

If the new horn rules make your life a little easier, you might want to drop Lance a nice note.

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