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Dec 10, 2003

The big news from yesterday is the announcement of the European Union’s effort to create noise maps of major population centers in Europe. One would hope that the U.S. would embark on a similar effort. In fact, such efforts on a smaller scale have been attempted in the U.S. (Nick Miller’s “Transportation Noise and Recreational Lands” (PDF) provides some examples of noise mapping done at a national level). However, my guess is that it will be a long time before we see a detailed effort in the U.S. simply because of all the different Federal, state and local noise polices that currently exist here. While it’s technically possible to develop detailed noise maps, I think it’s going to difficult to agree on a consistent methodology because of political concerns. Maybe I’m wrong. Please let me know if I am.

A Personal Observation: Missy Elliott is the best thing to happen to hip-hop in the bast 10 years. Reviewers are impressed when Madonna reinvents herself every five years or so. Missy reinvents herself with every song! If you listen to hip-hop or R&B, you should be listening to Missy. IMNSHO.

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