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Oct 17, 2003

Stephen Dawson has compiled a dictionary of terms used in audio and home theaters.

I want one: Doug Chiang’s home theater setup.

Scientists seeking pill to cut hearing loss from noise: This story has been picked up by several news outlets in the last few days. I hope it works, it would certainly make my life easier since I frequently have to measure loud noise noises.

Jan Fredriksson has started the Thiele-Small Loudspeaker Database, an online database of the modeling parameters of over 1700 loudspeaker drivers (and growing) from manufacturers such as Adire, Audax, Stillwater, JBL, JL Audio, Boston Acoustics, and many more. Jan is also committed to providing the driver data in a documented file format for easy downloading from his site.

Stereophile has given Apple’s iPod their stamp of approval (for uncompressed audio of course).

I knew Chanda Bailey many years ago when we were in the same internship program. It’s great to see her succeed as an artist.

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