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Oct 10, 2003

Acoustics professor proves ducks do echo. I’ve dealt with Trevor Cox via email for my graduate studies. He’s a very bright guy, very willing to discuss most any technical topic in depth.

Citizens in Northampton MA have started a website called Less Noise Hamp. They have a fairly comprehensive list of noise ordinances in cities and towns across the Commonwealth.

The University of Central Florida is participating in a national airport noise pollution study along with MIT, Penn State, Purdue, Stanford and others. UCF’s Community Noise Lab performs a variety of research in noise control and modeling.

‘Sonic hammer’ wins prize - the article describes a new piling driving process that minimizes wayside noise and vibration. Looks interesting, but it’s hard to tell how this device differs from vibratory pile driving processes currently in use. It also doesn’t talk about whether this process works in stiff soils. But it could be another potential option in areas where piles must be driven near to residential or sensitive buildings.

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