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Oct 05, 2003

A great example of the proper use of digital surround-sound in motion pictures: the audio track of The Fighting Temptations. The movie is about a southern gospel choir, so of course there is lots of singing in reverberant locales such as churches and auditoriums. The Dolby Digital mix is used very effectively. The surround channels add depth to the choir sequences, without drawing attention to themselves. I noticed I found myself enveloped by the music, and the audiophile in me was pleased. Kudos to the sound department.

In the course of a discussion of audio digital signal processing topics on the DIY speaker list, a poster gave the link of a presentation (PDF format) describing “Audio Myths.” The “Digital Disinformation” and “Cable Craziness” sections should be required reading for anyone who comments publicly about the current state of audio technology.

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