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Sep 23, 2003

On again, off again, on again: Greenbush is back. Also, it turns out that the Greenbush line has its own Fan Club.

Kokomo Hum revealed: It looks like Jim Cowan (Acentech) has had some success in hunting down the source of the mysterious Kokomo Hum. This study might make a good topic for an upcoming GBC-ASA meeting.

Paul Roquet is documenting the acoustic ecology of various locations around the world. It’s an interesting perspective of our interaction with sound from a lay point of view.

Macintouch has a report about ripping CD tracks before track 1. It’s common knowledge that the data (music) stream of a Red Book compact disc can be divided into tracks. However, tracks can be further divided using index numbers. Early CD players had a index forward/reverse controls in addition to track forward/reverse controls. However, most studios never bothered to use index tracks on commercial CD’s, so by the early 90’s most CD-player manufacturers stopped providing index controls and displays.

(My 1988 Technics SL-P350 CD player displays the track index, but does not provide index controls. I do own a few CD’s that actually use index tracks - mostly Telarc CD’s).

The Navy is trying to prevent a developer from building a housing development near Oceana Naval Air Station because of noise concerns. Frequently a new noise source is introduced into a residential area, and citizens are often outraged. Here is an example where noisy operations are pre-existing, and the Navy is trying to avoid future noise problems. The Navy is doing the right thing — if homes are built, experience has shown that residents will complain about the noise, even if they were warned beforehand.

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