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Jul 24, 2003

Lou Lung’s pictures from Saturday’s DIY meeting are up.

More news on Greenbush mitigation issues.

An article on a Santa Monica noise ordinance. Classic quote:

A lot of us have composed the ‘City Brush-off Handbook’.” “Chapter 1 is ‘There Is No Problem,’” Holcomb explained. “Chapter 2 is ‘You’re The Problem.’ Chapter 3 is ‘We Have Come Out and Measured and There’s No Measurable Violation.’ Chapter 4 is ‘Why Don’t You Just Move?’ Chapter 5 is ‘Nothing’, chapter 6 is ‘Nothing’; the rest of the chapters are nothing because you don‘t get returned phone calls or returned emails.”

In all seriousness, let me say that I’ve had the privilege of working directly with politicians on noise issues on the local and state levels. In my experience, if you approach them with rational, logical arguments, and if you can back up your arguments with hard data or convincing testimony, they will take you seriously. If you are patient and persistent, your elected representatives will attempt to address your noise problems. Give the system a chance.

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