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Jul 20, 2003

The BAS/DIY meeting went very well. Although it was scheduled from 2pm to 5pm, the meeting went until well after 6pm, with several people staying until 7:00pm examining a new 15-inch subwoofer from newcomers Bully Subwoofers.

Among the projects discussed at the meeting:

BJ Tanner talked at length about woodworking challenges and techniques, and also touched upon some of the dangers inherent to working with various woods and tools. He gave the group a tour of his shop, and spoke with various attendees about their particular projects.

Thanks to Alvin Foster and BAS for sponsoring the meeting and providing refreshments. Special thanks to BJ Tanner for providing the space, and sharing some of his vast woodworking experience. Anecdote: Dick Ravin had some questions about rounding over the edges of his driver holes, so he brought his speaker cabinets to the meeting hoping for some hints. Well, no sooner did he ask, when BJ pulled out one his (many) routers, and went to work!

Thanks to everyone who came. I put some pictures up at I didn’t have time to take a lot of pictures, but Lou Lung was there with his digital camera, and he promised to have his pictures up on the web ASAP.

I had really hoped that pros and DIY’ers could come together to swap some audio knowledge, and it certainly happened. We’ll have to do this again - but I’ll let someone else organize it next time.

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