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Jul 11, 2003

Fortune has an article about Wilson Audio, manufacturer of the Watt Puppy’s, WAMMS and other high-end speakers. This is the first mainstream press article I’ve read that makes reference to the “Wife Acceptance Factor” (WAF, or sometimes known by its more politically correct name “Spousal Acceptance Factor”). WAF/SAF refers to the practice of making your product attractive enough that your spouse will allow you to keep it in plain sight in the living room/family room etc. WAF/SAF is discussed a lot in DIY circles, but I have rarely seen anyone besides Bose or Apple discuss it publicly.

As I’ve mentioned before, I had a chance to listen to a few of Wilson’s products, and I came away very impressed. If you’re in the Boston area, I recommend paying a visit to Goodwin’s High End and asking for a demo. Would I spend the money to buy a pair of Wilsons? Probably not, I enjoy the challenge of building my own speakers. But the Watt Puppy’s give a DIY something to aspire to.

In other news, the USS Ronald Reagan is being commissioned tomorrow. I only mention this because I have a friend who worked on the reactor, and I wanted to congratulate him on the successful completion of his project.

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